Film? Can I get them digitally?

Yes, you can… after our photoshoot, we mail off the rolls of film to get developed by our professional lab. Our lab will develop the film and convert them into digital high res files printable to 16×20. 

Can we get sizes larger than 16×20?

Yes, we sell prints up to 24×36.

What’s the difference between film and digital?

Digital photography is pretty much instant.  After the photo is taken, you can view your shot on the LCD screen and see immediately what you’ve shot.  With highly technical computer software, the digital images can be manipulated for color and fixed or “photoshopped”. Film, on the other hand, is a much slower process.  As described above, the process of developing and conversion can take up to two weeks.  Once the converted digital files are received, only minor “tweaks” can be made to the film image.  The film image cannot be manipulated to the extent as a digital image.

Will our images be grainy?

Part of the beauty of film is the grain, but we prefer to see it as part of the artistic quality of shooting with film. 

So why Film?

Film is beautiful and timeless.  There is an inherent quality in film images that just cannot be duplicated with digital photography.  Film photography is not for everyone, but for those of you who get it,  we would love to capture you on film.